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International Investigator Training Targets Wildlife Trafficking Hotspot

  From March 16-24, twenty-six law enforcement officers from Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Thailand underwent an intensive bilateral investigations training course at a major endangered species smuggling corridor. The course focused on investigation techniques to detect ongoing wildlife trafficking … Continue reading

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Private Sector Engages ARREST

US, Thai and Australian private sector alliances reached out to the ARREST Program this week and offered assistance to reduce illegal wildlife trafficking.  The Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) of Thailand hosted ARREST at the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) … Continue reading

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Operation Cobra Strikes to Dismantle Transnational Organized Wildlife Trafficking Networks

                 Police, Customs and wildlife ocers from Asia, Africa and the United States participated in a month-long cross-border enforcement operation code-names “COBRA”. Cobra was an intelligence-driven initiative aimed at dismantling organized wildlife crime syndicates. ARREST partners FREELAND and ASEAN_WEN facilitated … Continue reading

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ASEAN Parliamentarians Resolve to Combat Wildlife Crime. September 2012

Over 400 parliamentarians convened for the 33rd General Assembly of the ASEAN Inter- Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA) in Lombok, Indonesia and approved a resolution to strengthen law enforcement and regional cooperation to combat wildlife crime. The AIPA is a regional parliamentary … Continue reading

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