Cambodian Cartoons Help to Fight Wildlife Crime and Consumption

WildlifeAlliance logoWildlife Alliance animated PSA

Wildlife Alliance, an NGO fighting wildlife crime in Cambodia, completed two captivating animated Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to be aired throughout Cambodia. The PSAs address the issue of the illegal wildlife consumption and encourage the public to not only stop from consuming wildlife but also report such crimes to the WRRT hotline (Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team). The animated messages were funded by the ARREST Program (Asia’s Regional Response to Endangered Species Trafficking), a USAID initiative implemented by FREELAND. The animated PSAs, which started airing on July 4, were designed to appeal to every socioeconomic, age, and education level. The animated sketches were designed, peer reviewed, and animated by Cambodians. The main themes of the two PSAs are to show that wildlife consumption is ‘not cool’ and also to generate a pride in Cambodia’s natural heritage. The PSAs will be aired through December on 4 key television stations including CTN which reaches 10 million viewers (90% of the population). The animated PSAs can also be viewed, with English subtitles, on youtube, vimeo and Wildlife Alliance’s website.


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