Phuket Welcomes Fin Free Policy

finfree thaifin free phuket event

Fin Free Thailand, a campaign dedicated to stopping the consumption of shark fin, gained further momentum with an event in Phuket, Thailand. More than 30 prominent hotels and restaurants joined the campaign pledging to never sell shark fin or any shark products. The hotels joined the campaign at an event held in Phuket where the provincial governor attended giving praise to the campaign. The governor stated that the campaign not only encouraged hotels to stop selling shark fin but also created an opportunity to raise awareness for shark conservation. The governor strongly supported the campaign and recognized the need for such measures especially as Phuket, a tropical island, relies on the income generated by marine tourism such as scuba diving. A side event saw local students participate in a post-card drawing event to engage youth. The post cards were collected by Fin Free and will be sent to the hotels which joined the campaign. Fin Free and SEEK Phuket (Society, Environment, Economy, Knowledge) teamed up to host the event which received coverage on local TV stations and national news agencies. The Fin Free campaign, supported by the USAID-funded ARREST Program (Asia’s Regional Response to Endangered Species Trafficking), continues to gain momentum with more than 50 prominent Thai hotels and restaurants vowing not to sell shark products in their establishments.



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