China’s Largest Online Store Leads Holiday Push to Reduce Trade of Endangered Species. December 2012

ARREST-Newsletter_02_Oct-Dec-2012_final-89IFAW-Logo_Vert_color-SConsumption of wildlife products, such as ivory necklaces, tiger bone wine and shark fin, consistently spikes during the gift-giving season. Te reduce such pressure on such wildlife the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) collaborated with China’s largest shoppingwebsite to initiate an educational campaign called “Happy Holidays, My Wildlife Friends”. The campaign targeted consumers and recruited over 100 online stores voluntarily to display banners reminding shoppers to avoid buying wildlife products. The banners, linking visitors to proactive ways to support endangered species conservation, generated approximately 600,000 clicks in 3 days. also called for the public to report illegal wildlife products being sold on the platform following their removal of over 14,000 illegal listings of wildlife products and punished about 8,000 stores in 2012. IFAW simultaneously engaged the public to pledge against wildlife products via SINA Weibo, a popular Chinese microblog service similar to Twitter, which was forwarded 2,885 times and received 2,032 comments.

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