Wildlife Trade Exhibits: Encouraging Vietnam to Think September 2012

ARREST-Newsletter_01_July-Sept-2012-79ENV logo ENARREST program partner Education for Nature-
Vietname (ENV) has launched exciting public wildlife trade
exhibits inviting citizens of Vietnam to think more deeply about how they are affected by wildlife trade issues and how they can help stop the trade.

The exhibits, reaching over 130 people per event, have been held across Vietnam at markets, bus stations, parks, and supermarkets, targeting all members of the public, from children to the elderly. Exhibits feature informative signboards, an interactive photo board, a wildlife trade video clip, and engagement tools such as a quiz and opinion topics  to promote the sharing of ideas. Discussion of controversial topics, such as wildlife farms and euthanasia of confiscated wildlife, have inspired people to connect with wildlife trade issues on a more meaningful level. They also present the opportunity for the public to voice their opinions, an important source of public feedback for ENV. The exhibits have become a critical part of ENV’s public awareness activities and have emerged as an effective and engaging way to involve people in wildlife protection.

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