Indonesian Government Replicates ARREST-PROTECT Training

ARREST-Newsletter_02_Oct-Dec-2012_final-48indo-logo-2-thumbindo-logo-thumbTo better safeguard Indonesia’s forests and wildlife, Indonesia’s Department of Investigation and Forest Protection (DIFP), implemented a forest patrolling and protection training course in Gede Pangango National Park, West Java, utilizing materials from the ARREST Program.

The course trained 51 commanders and supervisors from Polisi Kehutanan (Forest Police) and Satuan Khusus Polisi Kehutanan Reaksi Cepat (Special Quick Reaction Forest Police) from units across the Indonesian archipelago. ARREST has been working with the DIFP to institutionalize PROTECT training materials developed by FREELAND at the request of the Government of Indonesia, which will regularly conduct this training beginning next year. The training was implemented by six Special Quick Reaction Forest Police instructors from previous ARREST trainings and one PROTECT Enforcement instructor. To assist in institutionalizing training, 1,500 Indonesia-specific PROTECT manuals are being printed with funding from the USAID-Indonesian Forestry and Climate Support (IFACS) project.

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