ARREST’s Wildlife Legal Help Centre Troubleshoots Wildlife Cases for Officers

ARREST-Newsletter_02_Oct-Dec-2012_final-91FREELAND_INDIAlogo_GreyBackgroundLegal experts from the ARREST program’s Wildlife Legal Help Centre (WLHC) spent a day each with over 40 officers of Kudremukh National Park and over 30 officers of Bhadra Tiger Reserve, troubleshooting their wildlife crime law problems.

Hosted by the Karnataka Forest Department (India), the one day seminars brought together Forest Department officials prosecuting and investigating wildlife crime cases with expert lawyers from the WLHC. The participants were given an introduction to the laws most needed for their work and important government notifications which would make their prosecutions stronger. Finally, the participants brought up their recent or on-going cases for expert advice on how to secure convictions. The seminars were carried out in Kannada (the regional State language) and English. Freeland Trust of India, which implements ARREST in South Asia, planned the seminars in response to the state government’s request to bring the WLHC experts to field officers instead of waiting for them to call.

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