USAID Programs Target Forest Law Enforcement in Indonesia.

ARREST-Newsletter_01_July-Sept-2012-15IFACS-logo-thumbThe ARREST program’s elite forest protection training programs will go farther in protecting Asia’s biodiversity following an agreement with the Government of Indonesia. In August, the USAID-funded Indonesian Forest and Climate Support (IFACS) Project and ARREST Program reached an agreement to cooperate in improving forest crime law enforcement in Indonesia. As part of the agreement, the ARREST Program will August-September 2012
With additional cooperation from Baidu, IFAW has found a new avenue for its campaign to reduce demand for wildlife and wildlife products. Starting in August, Baidu has begun featuring IFAW’s public awareness banners urging people to say no to elephant, tiger and
rhino products. The ads are now encouraging over ten million people per day to end the
illegal wildlife trade. build on its existing work in the country and will help institutionalize ARREST’s forest protection trainings into the Directorate of Investigation and Forest Protection’s own curriculum. Currently, ARREST and IFACS are developing and translating training manuals to assist with training. These manuals will be developed specifically to address challenges faced by front-line forest crime personnel in Indonesia.
This new partnership is wasting no time. In September 2012, ARREST held enforcement
training in West Kalimantan for SPORC brigades (Indonesia’s Elite Forest Police) and
personnel from Malaysia’s Sarawak Forest Department Preventive & Enforcement Division. With the mentoring of five SPORC officers as assistant instructors, the course is fostering the growth of this regional-standard training in one of the most threatened, biologically diverse areas in Asia.

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